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Furry Lolitas...

Not just cosplay anymore!

Furry Lolitas
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This is a community for bringing together the lifestyles of Furries and Lolita Fashions...
A Furry is a fan of fictional anthropomorphic animals who may even add elements (ears, tails, etc) of animals to their wardrobe. Lolita is fashion movement based on Victorian influences originating in Japan.

Some people are fans of both of these very different concepts, and have found no acceptance or support of merging their interests in other communities. This community was made in hopes of giving Furry Lolitas a place to gather, make friends and just have some fun. It is not intended for cosplayers, although they are welcome to come chat as long as they remain courteous.

Unlike a lot of other communities this community is not intended to be limited to Lolita and Furry topics; feel free to talk about almost anything. We are people after all and just happen to have some things in common, so there's all the more reason to keep things open and just get to know each other.

2.) In this community the ideas of Lolita and Furry are NOT sexual concepts. Posts and comments which do not follow this rule will be deleted without notice.
(any other rules will be added as the community progresses, or degresses as the case may be)

Membership will be temporarily moderated to attempt to weed out obvious trolls and since we are trying to keep this community clean. Here in this community the ideas of Lolita and Furry are NOT sexual concepts. As such your profile and journal will be checked and you may even be messaged prior to being accepted. If you have anything particularly offensive or raunchy in your journal or profile your application will be declined.

I hope that I won't have to do this for very long, however.

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