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Hi and stuff

Hi I'm Mushi.
 I'm a furry who likes anime, Loli, fursuits and art. I have spent years making fursuits and drawing and have created many characters and costumes. I'm always open for commissions and I enjoy taking my hobbies to the next level. My best fursuit accomplishment has been my person fursuit if my little snow leopard/ elf girl named Mushi of course. She is a wonderful blend between furry and anime. There are 2 versions this one and the realistic one.

Say "Hello" to Dewie

Some pictures of my suit-head. His name is Dewie, because I was being lame.
(Mountain Dew bottles were used to make his eyes)
cuteness under cutCollapse )

Slacker Extrodinaire

I am so full of fail lately...

I have been busy getting my life in order, though I have managed to work at my fursuit design stuffs.

Finally got my fur, now I just need to get my desk cleared off and get some thread so I can get to work!

...though I do find myself feeling more inclined to work on new dresses instead =x.x=
it so hot here...


Hey, everyone. My name's Galena, but most people call me Kitsune. I've always loved furries but only recently did I start building my first 'suit. It's going to be a half-suit of my foxwolf named Acai (ah-KAI) (kinda like the fruit açaí (ah-sah-EE), but not pronounced the same.)
Anyways, feel free to be my friend. I love to talk but I never post anything interesting. xD;

Umm.. yeah.

 Some call me the Doctor.... others call me Fred, the Destroyer of Worlds, but you can call me the Doctor.
If you are wondering what that sound outside of your window is, it's probably me, going through your trash.


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